Sunday, May 10, 2009

playing football at Do Sun Beach

The cobra thing was yesterday but today we went to Do Sun Beach, which is about an hour outside of Haiphong, with most of our translators. The weather was cloudy and not what you would call beach weather, but this was going to be our last chance to go to the beach before 5/22 when our assignment here ends. Next weekend we’ve already got plans to go to Ninh Binh on Saturday, and Sunday we’re going to visit an orphanage.

The water wasn’t that bad, actually. Even when it’s overcast here the water is warm. I and a couple of my compatriots went for a swim, and after eating some snacks in some lawn chairs under beach umbrellas, we decided to have a football (soccer) game, Vietnamese vs. Foreigners. Not only did they have the home field advantage, but there were about twice as many of them as there were of us. It was lots of fun, although all of the Foreigners were sucking wind after about 15 minutes. Some of it got caught on tape, which you can see here. I’m the one in the white, black, and red São Paulo shirt with the number 9 on it, in the blue shorts:

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